Saniflo 013 Sanibest Pro Grinder Pump Only 1 HP


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Requires rear discharge toilet sold separately; round bowl part number is 003, insulated toilet tank part number is 005, elongated bowl part number is 007. The SaniBest Pro is a system that is used to install a complete bathroom up to 25 ft. below the sewer line, or even up to 150 ft. away from a soil stack. The SaniBest Pro can handle the effluent from a toilet, sink, bathtub, shower and washing machine (indirect connection). While most of our pump range consists of shredders/macerators, the SaniBest Pro incorporates an actual grinder system. The SaniBest Pro is ideal for situations where you do not control the use of it (i.e. rental unit, offices, warehouses, etc. The SaniBest Pro is designed to deal with sanitary napkins that may have been flushed down the toilet; such may consist of condoms, sanitary napkins, q-tips, dental floss, etc.


  • SANIBEST Pro External Grinder Pump For Full-Bathrooms
  • Handle effluent from a full bath in residential & commercial apps
  • For Use With The Saniflo Rear Discharge Toilet & Tank
  • *Toilet only works in combination with the SANIBEST Pro
  • For Installations Up To 25' Below Sewer Line
  • No need to dig up basement floor like w/ traditional sewage pump
  • Pumps Up To 150' Horizontally (Gravity Fall)
  • Excellent for adding a sink/toilet to an outbuilding
  • 1 HP Electric Motor (3600 RPM) 120V
  • Hermetically sealed, permanently lubricated design
  • Grinder System w/ SS Cutting Blades -
  • For rental unit, offices, warehouses, wash machines
  • Micro-Switch Operated (Via Flush)
  • 10 - 15 sec operating cycle for minimal power consumption
  • (2) 2" Inlets Allow For Easy Connection Of Plumbing Fixtures
  • With rotatable discharge elbow & pre-installed backflow preventer
  • 1-1/2" Vent On Lid (Plumbing Codes Req'd)
  • Note* vent system should be a two-way air vent

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