Pro58 Fluidmaster 3" Universal Flapper

Pro58 Fluidmaster 3" Universal Flapper


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If you're tired of carrying different flappers around, look no further than the Fluidmaster PRO58 Adjustable Toilet Flapper.

The PRO58 features adjustable mounting arms with three easy width adjustments that allow it to fit on all flush valves. The included heavy duty silicone seal lasts up to 10 times longer than traditional flappers. Best suited for 1.6 GPF toilets, the PRO58 adjustable float cup allows you to fine tune the amount of water being flushed for the best performance.


  • Adjustable float cup for maximum performance and water savings
  • Chlorine and hard water resistant
  • Solid frame for the best seal every time no twisting
  • Adjustable mounting arms fits all flush valves
  • Long lasting silicone seal

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