Sioux Chief 649X3, Power Pex Copper Crimp Ring, 3/4 in

Sioux Chief 649X3 Power Pex Copper Crimp Ring 3/4 inch

Sioux Chief

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Pex crimping system is among the oldest, most reliable and most widely used methods of installing PEX. Copper crimp rings ensure full 360 compression of the pipe over the barbs of the fitting without the risk of expansion or corrosion. Size of the PEX crimp ring corresponds to the PEX pipe size, namely, 1/2 in. crimp rings for 1/2 in. PEX, 3/4 in. for 3/4 in. and so on. A PEX crimp ring is installed by positioning it over the pipe and fittings and compressing it with the help of a PEX crimp (crimping) tool.

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